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You probably recognize it: you want to go somewhere because you don’t have a car or you don’t want to/can’t drive in one, and then planning comes into play. Are you going to go by public transport, or by bike? Where will you store the bike? Is the distance doable by bike? And how much will a bus trip cost me? Is it the fastest alternative? Whether you need transportation to the train station, want to go shopping or want to plan a family visit, these questions are always present. Even for a night out, you are bound to struggle with the question of how best to travel, and whether you are going with a small group or a large one, and what type of transport is best for the occasion.

At Taxi Connect, we have a lot of experience with all types of transportation services, and we understand the issues regarding this type of transportation: namely street cab. For us, street cab is an uncategorized ride to or from an object that is not an airport. This can be, as mentioned above, shopping malls, stations, homes of family / friends, museums or other objects. With us you are assured of customized mobility at an affordable price. Our dispatchers are always available and friendly to speak with, and think with you about the best solution for your specific situation.

Our drivers specialize in street cab type transportation. They will pick you up nicely from your home or a certain object. In the car you can have a chat with the driver, but you can also choose to chat with your friends/family. Furthermore, you always have fast wifi available in every car. In short, with our qualified and representative drivers you are assured of a safe, pleasant and discrete journey to or from an object.