Safety is an important concept. Especially on the road, it is something that has to be taken very seriously. It is not only about your own safety, but also that of others. In 2017, 613 people died in traffic in the Netherlands. That’s a considerable number. In many of these accidents, it was not only the motorist’s fault, but often that of others as well. However, in most of these accidents it was the motorist’s fault. Whether it was bad observation, texting behind the wheel, or reckless driving behaviour, these are all things that the driver has direct influence on. But even if other road users perform dangerous manoeuvres, the driver needs to anticipate and act early.

It is no different in the taxi world. That is why we at Taxi Connect put safety first. After all, a driver is on the road more often than an average driver with his commute to work. That’s why it’s so important to pay extra attention. Randomly, we take a close look at the drivers, regarding safe and vigilant driving. If there are any points for improvement, we enter into discussions with the driver in order to arrive at a number of action points which the driver must then address.

As a customer, you are therefore assured of – not only a pleasant journey – but a safe journey as well. The driver will pick you up on time, park your vehicle in a safe place and accompany you to the vehicle. During the trip, the driver (if desired) will have a pleasant chat with you, but of course with the safety of you and your fellow road users in mind. Also during the drop-off at your final destination, the driver will park the vehicle in a safe place, after which he will open the door in front of you, and escort you safely outside.

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