I’m sure you’ll recognise it: waiting a long time for a delayed train, or for a bus that isn’t coming. This is a big frustration for everyone in the Netherlands. And the worst thing is that you (as a customer) can’t do anything about it. You have to accept it and take the loss of time. Maybe you had an important appointment where you could not afford to be late. Who can you turn to for a complaint? Or for compensation? You enter a roller coaster of procedures to file your complaint, and the question is whether something will actually be done about it.

The same applies to taxis – when ordering a taxi. When a customer orders a taxi, he or she expects the taxi to arrive on time. Most people who order a taxi are not for a ride to or from the city, but for a ride to or from an airport. As a customer, you can’t afford that the taxi will be late. Otherwise, you might as well have taken a bus, or arranged other transportation. Unfortunately, it is more common in the taxi industry for a taxi to be late. As Taxi Connect, we try to avoid this.

You can expect the taxi to always arrive on time. It is rare or it never happens, that our drivers arrive too late. On a few occasions when a driver was late, there was force majeure (unexpected traffic jams due to an accident, or car breakdown). If the driver arrives too late, and there was no force majeure, you will receive a full refund of the fare. Very nice!

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