When you rent a car, you have a choice of different types, types and colors. Often at the same company. Or when you buy a car, you can choose from all vehicles, the only thing you limit is your budget. Unfortunately, this is not the case with public transport, such as buses. Trains do offer a choice of first class or second class. We say unfortunately, because it’s not about the type of transport, we think in terms of mobility. You, as a customer, want to be transported, and you decide in what style. Whether it’s renting a car, buying a car, taking a bus or taking a train.

We believe that in the taxi industry too, it should be exactly the same, but even more extensive. Compare it with – as described above – renting a car. As a customer you must have a wide choice in which you want to be transported. If you prefer a more luxurious car, then no cheap car should pick you up. And vice versa, exactly the same applies. If you want to be in a smaller car, there is no need for a station wagon or van to pick you up. And vice versa.

We offer you a wide choice of vehicles. They are divided into three categories: economy, business and electric. The first category is the cheapest category. However, it is not the least luxurious: some cars are spacious (such as the E-Class from 2012, which is spacious and comfortable. In the business category, cars belong to the more luxurious class. Examples can be found in our fleet. Finally the electric category: all electric cars belong to this category. These can also be found in our fleet.