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Sometimes it happens that you want to travel with a group. For example, you want to go out on a Saturday night with 12 people, or you want a longer trip to the Keukenhof, or a day out to the efteling. Normally, taking public transport for these kinds of arrangements is not an option, because it takes too much time, and it is not comfortable. Going with a number of cars is also not an option, because there is a lot involved, such as parking, and no coziness. That leaves few options.

Taking a van at Taxi Connect is the ideal solution. We offer you a lot of coziness and comfort. Instead of going multiple cars or taking public transportation, you still have the feel of public transportation, but without the negative things. Also, no one in your group has to drive, so you can have a good time with everyone. You can choose from a bus from the business segment (like the Mercedes-Benz V-Class), or a bus from the economy segment (like the Mercedes-Benz Vito). The V-Class may allow you to sit with one less person and the van, but you are assured of comfort from the highest category. Do you want to travel a shorter distance on the weekend? Then the Vito is the right choice.

Our drivers are specialized in group transportation. They will pick you up neatly from your home or vacation park. In the van, you can have a chat with the driver, but you can also choose to socialize with your friends/family. In short, with our qualified and representative drivers you are assured of a safe, pleasant and discrete journey, for long or short trips.