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Business people have busy lives. They often have to combine their busy schedule with travel. It is often a tight squeeze, especially if they have a conference in Utrecht, for example, and then a lecture in Rotterdam. They have to add travel time to their already busy lives as an extra layer on top of their schedule. Added to that is parking, which is often not easy in the larger cities. And if they find themselves in rush hour traffic they will be late as well. On top of that, every minute they drive themselves is wasted time because they can’t work on their cases. And thinking is also difficult because they have to take into account the navigation and fellow road users.

At Taxi Connect, your travel time becomes your work time. We offer you oceans of time to think, work and make phone calls in our discreet, business cars. You know you’ll arrive at your destination safe, rested and on time. And whether that’s a big city or a remote spot in Germany, it doesn’t matter. Finding a place to park is no longer a concern. You will be dropped off at the door – or at least as close to it as possible. You can’t imitate this with your own car!

Our drivers specialize in business transportation. They will pick you up nicely from your home or your office. In the car, you can have a chat with the driver, or you can choose to work on your laptop. You can charge your laptop with your power strip, or you can connect to the free high-speed wifi that is always available to you. In short, with our qualified and representative drivers, you are assured of a safe, pleasant and discreet journey.