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Nothing is more annoying when you have a business trip in a hurry, and you still have to make a planning about who to drop off at the airport, or when you go by yourself and park the car on a P+R, or go by public transport. Or if you, as a tourist, just want to go on holiday, but still don’t know how to get to the airport and what to consider, because it might be too far away, or it might be a difficult airport to reach. It’s all extra stress that comes with it, which turns the beginning of your trip (or the end of your trip) very unpleasant, even though a holiday is to be enjoyed.

We at Taxi Connect understand the irritations and inconveniences that come with it. Our experience at all major airports in the Netherlands, as well as Belgium and Germany, means you can rest assured that you will arrive well, comfortably and on time. For us, every large – and small – airport is familiar territory. You can rest assured that you will arrive rested and stress-free before the departure of your flight. And when you return from your business trip or holiday destination, one of our drivers will be waiting for you, allowing you to go straight home without any further actions. We will also help you carry your luggage. In this way you have time for the most important thing: enjoying your holiday.

Our drivers are specialized in airport transportation. They will pick you up neatly from your home or the airport. In the car you can have a chat with the driver, but you can also choose to plan your holiday or business trip. You will stay connected with your partners or friends/family abroad with the free and fast wifi in the car. In short, with our qualified and representative drivers you are assured of a safe, pleasant and discreet journey to the airport.